Antique Heart Pine

Distressed wooden flooring is a particular style that is designed to give an old and worn feel to a new hardwood floor.

Distressed boards tend to come with a textured finish that enhances the grain of the wood. They also tend to be an extra rustic grade meaning the floors feature their fair share of knots, blemishes, cracks and natural features within the timber – giving it the character and charm that many desire.

A good quality distressed engineered oak floorboard will provide you with all the strength, stability and reliability of a well-made engineered oak floor with the characteristics similar to an old reclaimed floorboard.

While the wood used for distressed flooring is rustic in its grade, not all rustic flooring is distressed. You can get rustic engineered oak flooring, which will feature many knots and natural features, without the textured grain, large splits within the timber and rough edges.


The classic and enduring choice for centuries, our American Heart Pine – Select grade gives off a certain level of grace that no other floor does.  Laid centuries ago in Monticello’s Jefferson, it still graces his historic Charlottesville home and the homes of of many historic estates from sea to shining sea.

Graded for 75% tight vertical grain, 25% plain sawn cut and 95-100% heartwood with just enough occasional knots and nail holes. Our Select grade will add rich color and grace to any home, even if its not a national landmark.

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